Introduction to
Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise
for All Genders

Discover how to access more pleasure, wisdom, creativity, aliveness and freedom for yourself,

in community!

Sunday January 16th 2021

10-12pm PDT / 1-3pm EDT
6-8pm GMT / 7-9PM CET

Sunday February 13th 2021

10-12pm PDT / 1-3pm EDT
6-8pm GMT / 7-9PM CET

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I'm Emerald May (she/her)

Intimacy Coach and

Sexological Bodyworker Student

I am an erotic pioneer, mother, lover and community leader. Offering a client-centred, trauma informed approach, I support people to access their embodied and truest erotic self-expression with self-acceptance. One of my many gifts is creating and holding inclusive spaces, offering you the opportunity to discover hidden parts of yourself, enabling deep integration and experiencing even MORE PLEASURE!


Do you want more permission & opportunity to experience more pleasure in your life?


Do you want to LEARN how to live in your embodied erotic

self-expression with

full self-acceptance?


Do you want to fall in love with your body?

In this 2 hour Class You Will


Learn what Orgasmic Mindfulness Practise is and why you want it in your life!


Use breath, sound, and movement to activate, build, and play with your arousal


Access more 

creativity, aliveness, and freedom in your life. 

January 16th 2022

February 13th 2022

What People Say

“Emerald is a fabulous space holder. She has so much wisdom, and a great skill at communicating information. Being in Emerald's presence is always a trusting and wonderful experience.”

Fennel, UK


You are so Loved!

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January 16th 2022

February 13th 2022

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